Michael A Hill
42 Barnmead Road, Beckenham,
Kent, United Kingdom
BR3 1JE,

Tel: +44 (0)208 776 7984
Cell: +44(0)7973 162790


Michael has been a professional Illustrator for 17 years. He originally studied at Bristol (UK), completing a BA(Hons) Degree in Graphic Design in 1984. He then moved to Brighton (UK), to study Fine Art Printmaking. After completing the course, and a short spell designing at Brighton Museum he began illustrating.

He has continued to work full-time since, occasionally taking on posts as visiting and part-time lecturer at colleges in southern England. From 1991-93 Michael completed a Masters Degree at the University of Brighton developing interests in maps, animation and sequence. These areas Michael exploits to the full with his beautifully illustrated maps and his informative step-by-step illustrations.

Working from his London studio, he has clients around the world but mainly in Europe and USA. After 17 years in Brighton he now lives in London with his wife, Andrea and daughter Madeleine.

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