Boring as I am. I love to wander or drift around our earth’s wonderfully diverse environments, observing the beauty of the natural world or the regimented design of humankind, watching impromptu events, regarding the invisible, being a tourist of the forgotten or unseen, being open to the randomness of the landscape, the way it leads you down a hill or along a river. Who needs a map, a plan, or a chart to guide you when you have the ability to create your own?

Green and Pleasant Lands

I love the landscape, the countryside or urban environment, I love the patterns in nature and the way humans have imposed a pattern on nature. I enjoy going on google earth and looking at our planet in a more abstract way, seeing the abstract designs as art. If i hadn't become an illustrator i think i would have studied some kind of geography or landscape design, a chance to investigate the world, maybe change it, re-draw it or put my own pattern upon it. Sitting at my desk though I can only hope to show how nature or society has ordered our green and pleasant lands.

Architectural Review

Architecture has been at the forefront of my illustrations over the past 3 decades. Originally producing paintings and prints for exhibition, later being commissioned to produce illustrations of buildings and property developments for projects worldwide. Having studied History of Architecture I was happy to do this with enthusiasm and a great understanding of the architecture. I have continued to draw inspiration from buildings in different ways and have put a selection here for you to review.