I remember my art teacher school, Mrs Asquith, gave me a short list of watercolour pans that I would need to start painting in watercolour. I was sent off to the local art shop in the basement of a Victorian building housing a very dusty and old fashioned bookshop. I asked for the paints from my list along with an enamel box to keep them in. What I received was more than twelve small squares wrapped in foil with a white band printed with delicate type, what I received was Naples Yellow, New Gamboge, Scarlet Lake, Rose Madder, French Ultramarine, Cerulean Blue, Hooker’s Green, Burnt Sienna, Venetian Red, Raw Umber, Payne’s Grey and Ivory Black. I remember the names today, These names inspired me to travel to Italy and France in search of these wonderful colours, to explore the world and most of all launch me on an artistic adventure that will probably last a life time.

Webicons not minions

As they say, one thing always leads to another and so it was with at least three clients I had produced maps for came back asking for mini icon designs to help navigate around  web sites they were producing . Some simple black and white line images, some pencil sketches and other gifs that animate as you move the cursor over them.

The Writing is on the Wall

Ok!, so I am taking this a little more literal when I say that The writing is on the wall I am not quoting the Book of David or referring to Belshazzar’s great Feast but to the face that some of my hand-lettered maps have recently been appearing on walls across Europe. I have been creating large scale maps for a few projects including a children's playroom in London, A French cafe in Cologne and a hotel in Frankfurt, Germany. Hopefully the writing on the wall will continue to be place names and not messages of doom and destruction.

Just My Type

Typography or hand-lettering is at the heart of most of my work, it might be a poster, or a title, road names on a map, a quote from a book or even on the cover, The writing has been on the wall and on the shop front and in the window there are not many places my type hasn't been. I Just hope that at sometime my type is your type too.

Hatha Yoga Tree and… Breathe

In ancient times yoga was referred to as a tree, a living entity with roots, a trunk, branches, blossom and fruit. I followed this idea as I illustrated the history of Hatha Yoga into a family tree for Yoga Journal. The image combines illustration and hand-lettering to produce a striking and informative poster of this ancient arts history.

Ghost Writer

Award-winning author (23 books and counting), speaker, founder of Free Spirit living, ghost writer, editor, life coach and client, Siobhan Curham has been a client since I worked on her 2004 book -The Scene Stealers for Hodder Publishers. I have continued to work with Siobhan on many different projects including covers for self-published books, logos and website banners. Siobhan knows what is right for me to create and I know exactly what Siobhan wants.

Firm Favourite - Firmdale

Sometimes you work with a client once and never again, but with Firmdale Hotels we have developed a relationship over nearly 20 years when we created maps for their first boutique hotel in Covent Garden, London. As the hotel group has grown so the portfolio of work created has developed for these design-led hotels and restaurants. Kit Kemp’s interiors give the hotels a real sense of luxury and eclectic mix of design.

Finest Preserves

One of the UK’s most distinctive food brands, holder of a royal warrant and exported worldwide, is Wilkin and Sons. It is better known to many by its location in Tiptree, Essex. Tiptree is not just a jam company, it is a British Institution. But it is not just about the jam - , although I could live on its divine Little Scarlett, they also have a cake company, flavoured Gin, fruit crisps along side a series of Tearooms across Essex.

Chocolate Box Cottage

A while back I painted a picture of Chewton Glen A 5 star luxury country house hotel in the New Forest, England,  the painting was intended as a postcard for guest use. It enjoyed further life when it was fashioned into hotel-shaped boxes for Chewton Glen’s complimentary chocolates. One guest liked the idea so much he tracked me down and commissioned a picture of his own wonderful country cottage. My watercolour hangs on his wall and his guests are welcomed with their own Chocolate Box Cottage.

Bits and Bobs (pieces)

An assortment of small items.
synonyms: odds and ends, oddments, stuff, paraphernalia, things, miscellanea, bric-a-brac, sundries, knick-knacks, souvenirs, keepsakes, mementoes, lumber, flotsam and jetsam; informal junk, odds and sods, gubbins, clobber rummage, truck, nick-knackery "there are a number of openings and storage areas for all sorts of bits and bobs"